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Ready? Steady! Go! Find all event details for the foosball world record attempt 2021, which starts on Thursday, 26.8. at 8 pm (GMT+2) and runs for 24 hours. And as we are all connected online, here are also some important links ;)

August 23, 2021  ·  2 min Reading Time


Our patron Andy Grote made the point (incl. english subtitles).

How many participants will we have? We don't know, but we'll let you guess in advance: Just post your prediction via social media and submit it here.

Info: If anyone asks, we always refer to this page or of course to our social media channels. Of course, if you have any questions, you can always contact us - we have answers like: Yes, everyone needs the app so the Record Institute can count the participants. Scan the QR code for either option A or B, see below. Also check if you have the latest app version ;)

Activate your foosball neighbours again! Listen to Timeoutstories for a manual in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and more. And our app is also available in various languages.


Your private or public tournament:

  • Option A: Simply play at least 1 game using the free app. Simply start a tournament and pass on the QR code. One table and 4 people are required as a minimum. Can I start earlier on Thursday or play longer on Friday? The answer is short: Yes, you can! Only one game has to be within the 24h.
  • Option B: Locations can become visible: The tournament will be visible in the app and on the live-stats-map, and shown to users within a radius of 100 km, and on the event live page: The admin gets the QR code in the admin app, and shares it.
  • Stream your event!? Get the free Discord software and connect to Insidefoos. Just get in touch here.
  • Questions? We have explained everything here, in 45 minutes in English.


  • August 26, 2021 at 8pm (GMT+2) is the starting time! Check out your time zone here.
  • This page is the KEY to the event. All statistics of the event will be displayed here, further evaluations and information will be added continuously. This page will be really important ;)
  • Livestream: The free world record stream is running and can be found here.
  • Tables for refugee camps in Lebanon: We are starting a project with Zeltschule e.V. to bring foosball tables to places where there is hardly any home. Robih from FC St. Pauli is on board. And for the equipment and the difficult organisation of transporting the tables there, we are collecting donations.
  • There will be cool eco-shirts at cost price and 2 Euros will go into the donation pot. Hurry, because the edition is limited! You can order it in the Ullrich-Shop having a worldwide shipping and by remarking which print: KOMM KICKERN or LET'S FOOS.

So: Let´s play, let´s foos. Stay safe and have fun :)

Jan D.-Eschweiler

By Jan D.-Eschweiler

Jan is a trained physicist and now project manager and tries to keep track of what's coming up, when and how. As far as foosball is concerned, organizing has become his passion in recent years, in Hamburg as Vice President of the TFVHH and throughout Germany as Vice President Education at the DTFB - and he also finds events with "world" in the name quite good...

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