Is this an official World Record attempt?

Yes, we are conducting the official world record attempt with the Rekord Institut Deutschland (RID). We had the best experience with Olaf Kuchenbecker and his team at the SKC (Silpion Kicker Cup), and now we want to take on the new world record category:



Or, here in more detail, an extract from the Record Rules: "This record is about the most people playing foosball in a 24-hour period at different locations. All rules of the record games are based on the usual rules of the sport in the pdf abridged version of the ITSF federation. The equipment (balls, tables, playing pieces, etc.) must comply with the standards of the sport. The record will be assessed by the total number of people playing one foosball match each at one of the venues during the period of the record attempt."

You can find more records and attempts on Instagram #buchderweltrekorde #rekordinstitutfürdeutschland.

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