Foosball without bordersFestival of Cultures 2022 - Unity in Diversity.

The Event

  • July 2nd, 2022, Hamburg Messe
  • 12am - open end
  • Contact forum for cultural and sports clubs
  • From young to old, no matter where you come from
  • Free for visitors

The agenda

On-stage program, information and action booths on the following topics:
  • Arts & Culture
  • Games & Sports
  • Jobs & Volunteering
More details from May on the festival page

Foosball tournaments

Foosball happenings on a total of 140 professional foosball tables for different target groups & skill levels. Come over and take part in our tournaments!

more table soccer

Public-Viewing of the ITSF World Championship from Nantes, France. In addition, the legendary SKC takes place for the 10th time, the day before (July 1): For more information on the Team & Corporate event, see

Action for everyoneThe foosball program.

DTFB Ranked Tournament

German DBSV Company Championship

DTFB University Foosball Cup

Kixx No-Pro Tournament

  • For beginners and casual players
  • 18-21 h
  • Fixed double teams
  • No jet, no material!
  • Registration on site

Let's Foos Tournaments

Many different tournaments throughout the day.
  • Parent-Child Tournament
  • Wheelchair/seated tournament
  • Charity-Tournament
  • Networking tournament for sports clubs
  • Fun disciplines: Crossed arms, Goalie, etc.
  • The finale will be a large social integration tournament for everyone from 8PM - 24PM

Theme area

Foosball areas including
  • Huge table for 11 (6 vs. 6 players)
  • Pros on location ( national league players)
  • Long distance shooting (speed) table
  • Foox
    • Foosball Challenges
    • Learn a shot from a pro in 5 minutes
  • Kickergarden: Craft your own table
  • Wheelchair sports

Let's Foos AppFoosball in the blink of an eye.

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