How ToCreate Public Tournaments

From now on, location owners can schedule their tournaments in advance and thus show the Let's Foos users when they will have tournaments. Also for the world record! How does it work? We'll show you:

August 5, 2021  ·  3 min Reading Time


Admin Platform

To create tournaments for your location, we need to know which location is yours. First of all, go to our Platform for Let's Foos Admins and create your location. Your location already exists in our app? It doesn't matter, just do the same. In this case all data we already have will be prefilled. Opening hours, descriptions, tables, photos - from now on you can maintain everything by yourself without long review processes from us.

If you have created or claimed your location, you will now receive a login ID for the Let's Foos Admin App. You can find the corresponding login ID on your dashboard.

Let's Foos Admin App

With the Admin App you can then schedule tournaments in advance. Just create a tournament for the future and voilà it will be displayed in the Let's Foos App for all users. On your location page in the Let's Foos app, everyone can see your upcoming tournaments and on the home screen, users will see tournaments near them. This tournaments will be also shown in advance on the world record live statistics page.

That's basically it. But I'm sure you're wondering why we're launching such a huge tool and a second app. Of course, we don't want to keep that from you!

Future outlook: Tournament Series

Directly after the world record, the Let's Foos tournament series will start. In the course of this some cool features will follow. Even if you can't see everything yet, the database will save all games. And this way from now on every public tournament is already a ranked tournament of the tournament series.

Short Summary about the Tournament Series

Over the period of round about 9 months all public tournaments will be part of the tournament series. There will be different rankings from local to international and many more features that are still on our to-do list. Important for this is, that all ranked tournaments will take place in a controlled environment. That means, they have to be public, so that every user has the possibility to participate. Furthermore, we want to make sure that no one is "leveling" with their friends on the couch without playing foosball at all.

Admin Platform

On the admin platform you will find statistics about your tournaments. On which day of the week are the most visitors? Who is the "Local Hero" in my place? And other interesting things. The creation of tournaments directly on the platform, will also be possible.

Admin App

Nevertheless, we have set the focus on the Admin App for tournament management. Why? Well, the probability that you have your smartphone with you is simply greater. You can give the login ID for the app to your entire bar staff, this way it doesn't matter who is on shift, anyone can take over the tournament management. Exciting features are coming here too, like the automatic start of the elimination. Just tell us beforehand when you want the tournament to be over. We will calculate the right time from your average match duration. If a tournament is started with the Admin App, you are no player anymore. In this way, we want to make it as easy as possible to establish foosball tournaments. You don't even have to know much about the subject. In the best case new guests will come to you and we will inspire many new players for our favourite sport.

The tournament series will go through a kind of beta phase this season. We develop features, you send feedback. And if it works well and is well received, we'll really take off in 2022.


We are a small agile team with a big heart for foosball. We have many plans and little wo:man-power. Which is of course also due to financial means. Therefore we are already thankful that you are following this path together with us. You are witnesses of software in the development process and we hope that we can keep our promises.

Sophia Poppen

By Sophia Poppen

Sophia gives the product its soul and a face. Or in other words: she is the one who is in charge of the conception and design around all technical products of Let's Foos. As far as foosball software is concerned, she was already able to gain a lot of experience with the Kickertool and contributes by shaping the foosball landscape from behind the scenes.

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