For the rankings?You wanna go further?.

In a nutshell

Take part or organise tournaments and play casually with your friends for the house, regional and world leaderboards.

The mission

Foosball tournaments for leisure players in a nice atmosphere: a lot of fun is guaranteed. Your regular break from everyday life and a bit of competition.


The season is one year fro January 1st to December 31st.End: 24th of September 2022


Organise on the last tournament in the year a special final. Be creative or ask us, we have ideas!

Monster DYPHow a Let's Foos tournament works.

DYP is the short form for Draw Your Partner. And the monster? That's the hint that we don't just draw the partners once, but every round anew. This ensures maximum diversity, lots of fun at the foosball table and a very beginner-friendly tournament.The preliminary round will be followed by a elimination in which we will continue to mix up the teams: Lord Have Mercy!

How it worksGrab the app & get to the table.

Players can easily take part in scheduled tournaments with the LET'S FOOS app.The app guides everyone through the tournament and then your statistics and rankings are automatically updated.Foos, sleep, eat, repeat.There's no tournament!?! Have look to our admin's guide below.

Warm up, ready & kick-off!Process & Rules.


All beginners and hobby players, all friends of the cultivated ball in a relaxed atmosphere. Club players are also allowed, but snakehots and material are not allowed.


All public locations that want to turn their foosball table into a small stadium. With games, music, drinks, discussions and many winners at the end.

Tournament process

A tournament is played according to the LET'S FOOS mode. The time and duration of the tournament will be determined by the organizer. In the preliminary round players can join at any time. Everyone from the preliminary round gets knocked out. If the number of participants is odd, a team of three can be formed for the KO round.


Each game goes up to 6 goals, in the preliminary round at 5:5 draw. It is played according to the usual rules - with the additions: no snakeshot, no material (ribbons, gloves, etc.) and fair play! Feel free to adjust the rules to your culture and region.


Each location & each country has a ranking and there is one world ranking!

For Foosball Locations aka adminsPlan your foosball night.

Would you like to register a tournament for the 2022 tournament series? Then follow these 3 steps:

Become an organizer

Create and administrate your location

Create your location or claim it if it already appears in our app. Administrate your location easily on our web portal.

Create a tournament unsing the Admin App

Download the LET'S FOOS app for admins. With it, you can plan and manage tournaments for your location and ranking.

Play the tournament

A tournament that has been created automatically becomes public: It is displayed in the game app and all users within a radius of 100 km can see when something is going on with you.

For Organizers aka adminsTournament & Costs.


Each location or the caretaker can register a public tournament for at least 4 hours via the admin app. There are ranking points based on the final results of a tournament. All tournaments registered in this way count in the corresponding ranking lists.


We are transparent: We would prefer to refinance the costs of the series through external partners. As of today, the fees are calculated to be about 2-3 euros per player per tournament. But one thing is certain for the 2023 season: Everything is FREE for the organizers this year. This is our Corona re-start aid. We don't yet know how we'll allocate the fees in the following seasons - but we're doing the best we can for the foosball community!

Let's Foos AppFoosball in the blink of an eye.

Download LET'S FOOS. It’s free on your favorit mobile store.