The best World Record is the one
you was part of...

We did it! 1905 participants in more than 200 different locations. Challenge set for next world record attempt!

To the live-stats

The eventWorld Record Attempt 2021.


Most people playing table soccer (different venues, within 24 hours)


To bring as many people as possible to play foosball around the world.


Start: 26 August 2021 - 8 pm (CEST)End: 27 August 2021 - 8 pm (CEST)

World Record Announcement

27th August 2021 - approx. 8:15 pm (CEST) in Hamburg und via live stream.

World Record 2021When to play.

World Record Attempt 2021Join in.

For any private circles

Just get the LET’S FOOS app and get started with your crew - at home, in the youth club, in the sport club, at work, etc. Just play a tournament within the 24h in your time zone.Notice: You have to play at least one match within these 24h, that we can officially count you as participant.

For foosball locations

Register as a owner or organizer of a public location on our website and create your public event. By that your event will be shon in the app.By this way users will know where they can participate in the world record attempt.Find the event poster and other material here.

World Record Attempt 2021How it works.

Each group of participants organises and designs an own local tournament and plays a tournament with the free LET'S FOOS app.This is how we will be able to count all participants in all tournaments played within the world record time period.

World Record Attempt 2021Bringing the foos family together.

Switching live

InsideFoos will broadcast games as well as the official announcement of the world record out of our headquarter in Hamburg, Germany.Just watch it or join the live-stream with your local event - for that contact InsideFoos, see below.


Live-Stats: Here you see all public locations n the world map. Active and total players and all - private or public - are counted.How many countries, locations, goals and players will be part of the world record?

Social Media

Send impressions of your tournament to social networks by using the hashtag #foosisallaroundEverybody can help to promote our sport and you can show your world of table soccer to the foos family.

Charity Campaign

We collect money for foosball tables for refugee camps in Lebanon! Zeltschule e.V. will receive the donations. The institution gives a little hope to young poeple there.To the project description and the PayPal-Link.

Friends and partnersFoos is all around.

All of this means nothing without good friends & partners.Thank you for carrying on the world record idea already now: hobby- players, club-players and Pro-players, clubs & national associations, International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF), and many more.

Health Partner

World Record Attempt 2021Dealing with Covid-19.


The decentralised format is perfect for organising a compliant "major event" during Corona times.

Contingency plan

If the pandemic is still intense, we will have to postpone the event.

Small groups

Also with 4 participants and one foosball table it will be a fun evening.


If there is an improvement in the pandemic, we are confident that people will want to get together again.

Let's Foos AppFoosball in the blink of an eye.

Download LET'S FOOS. It’s free on your favorit mobile store.