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Have you joined the first edition last year? Then, it is easy: just repeat your action on September 23th & 24th. We have to beat all together 1905 participants worldwide this year. Maybe you can help to activate some more participants to set a new record!

August 25, 2022  ·  2 min Reading Time

When? On Sept. 23&24th within 8pm to 8pm (GMT+2) or find here your local time.

Where? At any foosball table in this world.

Have a look at our event page or at our linktree - here we list up some important links and material.

For all new participants

It is a fun event, to meet locally with friends and to set globally a world record with the whole foosball family. The game mode is entertaining and you will be assigned a new partner each round through our app.

Your steps to become an official world record holder:

  • Get the free app: Download, register, ready. The app is the official ticket and name and email address are used for the digital personal certificate from the record institute Germany (RID) afterwards. Note: If you have guest players i.e. by adding participants without an app, they cannot be counted towards the world record.
  • Have a table and be at least 4 persons.
  • Play a private or public tournament within the 24h record period. See options below.

Private tournament

Perfect for private groups, friends and family, or spontaneous tournaments:

  • Just open the app in the 24h world record period.
  • One person creates a tournament and share the QR code.
  • You will be asked if your location can be retrieved. If you agree, you will appear on the live world map
  • Play as short or as long as you want to.
  • At least one match is needed to be counted.

Public tournament

Perfect for public foosball locations to invite guests and anmimate your foosball table.

  • Logon to admin.komm-kickern.de
  • Claim your location, if not already done.
  • Create a world record tournament with your individual adjustments.
  • The tournament becomes visible for users.
  • Share the QR-code on the world record day to your participants.

Do you know a location? Talk to the owner to motivate to play a world record tournament.

In our blog news part two we will present you the betting game and the photo challenge and explain what you can "win" as a participant besides your individual certificate.

Jan D.-Eschweiler

By Jan D.-Eschweiler

Jan is a trained physicist and now project manager and tries to keep track of what's coming up, when and how. As far as foosball is concerned, organizing has become his passion in recent years, in Hamburg as Vice President of the TFVHH and throughout Germany as Vice President Education at the DTFB - and he also finds events with "world" in the name quite good...

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