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We are so glad that you have found your way to Let's Foos! And one thing is already certain: as soon as we have Let's Foos badges, our "Early Adopter" badge is yours! But read on to find out what's already in store for you.

November 1, 2020  ·  4 min Reading Time
Foosball table and good vibes

Photo by Thorsten (@b3nkenewbie), main developer of Let's Foos

Currently we are in the beta phase with you: Here we are concentrating on getting basic functionalities running stably. This starts with small things like the registration or the upload of profile pictures, continues with the development of a location database - where we also maintain a close exchange with clubs and other enthusiasts - and ends with the core: To play through a tournament with the app LET'S FOOS flawlessly.

Made with love

Why do we do this? In short: out of love. It sounds cheesy, but it's true. Foosball is our favorite sport and we hope to use the app to bring players and venues closer together, remove barriers to entry for beginners, create variety for advanced players, and promote the great foosball community as a whole.

One-click tournament start

You start a tournament with the big pink button. Players can join the tournament by scanning the generated QR code. Once at least four players have joined, the tournament can begin. It is possible to join or leave a tournament at any time. But be careful: if you are less than four players, the tournament is over. The person who starts the tournament is the admin and therefore has a few settings which will be extended in the future. Currently the admin is only allowed to edit results and start the KO. Up to how many goals you play per match, you can decide as a group. We recommend to play up to seven goals and 6:6 draw.

MonsterDYP ensures a balanced level of play

The game is played in Monster-DYP mode. This means that you play alone and are assigned new players and opponents each round. The algorithm takes care of the best possible mixture of all participants and at the same time a balanced playing strength of the drawn teams. We decided to use the monster DYP mode because it is very beginner-friendly and allows you to play with other partners. Perfect for a social evening with friends and new people you might get friends with.

But a foosball evening also needs a conclusion, doesn't it? When this should be, you can decide together. Either you look at the standings of the tournament to draw a line after a collectively discussed number of rounds. Or: You start a elimination ...

What? elimination round in MonsterDYP? At the moment the playoff is started immediately. This means: The previously called round can not be finished. But: We are working on that. The special thing about our elimination round: You stay in the MonsterDYP mode! We have never seen this before, but we liked the idea. After hours of sketching possible constellations, we decided on a balanced model. The best players from the preliminary table are seeded so that they meet again later at the table. All others will be randomly assigned, so that even after a weaker qualifying round, you can still make it to the final. As the saying goes: Oh, Lord have mercy!

Location database: Foosball locations

Besides the actual tournament, we have put our focus on a good database of foosball locations. We have already entered more than 1,000 venues in Germany into this database and put quite some effort into keeping it up to date. Some opening times may currently vary due to regionally strongly differing Corona measures. But one thing is for sure: There is at least one foosball table in all of these locations.

With your help we hope not only to expand this database, but also to add photos, game and table information step by step. And speaking of photos: We regret very much that we can't simply pull already existing pictures from the net. However, that would be legally problematic and we are not looking for any trouble in this regard ... However, we would be very happy if you could take one or two photos - preferably without faces - at your next visit to your favorite pub or clubhouse and send them to us so that we can add them.

Our outlook

Please do not assume that the Let's Foos app is a finished product. Originally, we had planned a Germany-wide tournament series, which we will continue to hold on to. For this series, registered locations should be able to plan tournaments and publish them in the app. You should then be able to easily find all upcoming tournaments in your area.

Functionalities along the way will gradually be added to the app: For example, the ability to play tournaments in one place and see live in the app where they are and how they are going. In addition, we plan to be able to deliver relevant, regional news or notices, better personal statistics, generally more gamification and thus even more variety.

Your feedback

With all that coming: Your feedback is very important to us. We are open for ideas and suggestions - after all you should have fun with the app and see it as a useful extension of the table soccer world.

Feel free to contact us by mail to:
Or join our Telegram chat group:

We have an open ear, at least.

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Sophia Poppen

By Sophia Poppen

Sophia gives the product its soul and a face. Or in other words: she is the one who is in charge of the conception and design around all technical products of Let's Foos. As far as foosball software is concerned, she was already able to gain a lot of experience with the Kickertool and contributes by shaping the foosball landscape from behind the scenes.

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