NEW FEATUREMap Filter: Finally Search for Tables!

Discover the new Map Filter and start searching for tables now! Find tables by manufacturer, model, quality, location type, and accessibility. Learn how you can contribute to the growing kicker database and bring the kicker community closer together. Plus, get insights into the latest optimizations and updates for an enhanced kicker experience.

July 20, 2023  ·  2 min Reading Time
Map Filter

Map Filter

Recently, someone on social media asked where they could find a "Roberto Sport Revolution" table. Very briefly, I thought, "Best check out the Lets Foos app." And then it came back to me: We don't have a table search at all!!1! One of the many great features that is high up in our "opportunity backlog". It rarely happens, but this was one of those times when everything fit perfectly: We just took this ticket, pushed it to ToDo, implemented it and now we can proudly present you the new Map Filter. 🙌

Using the Map Filter, you can search for tables by manufacturer and model, as well as by table quality, number, location type, and accessibility. This is really fun. We currently have 1,152 locations in Germany and also worldwide the database is growing thanks to your help, so that we have a total of 1,762 locations. Here are the top 10 on this topic from our backend:

kki-stats- locations and tables.png

Did you notice the "unknown" at #5? Let's change that! Visit your favorite locations, check out the table, and send us information and/or photos. We're sure there are a few more Roberto Sport Revolution out there. This way, we can all help each other make the foosball world even closer. Note that when you send us table info or a location, your information won't show up right away. We review every change to make sure the information is accurate. This ensures that you get the best foosball database possible.

And one more thing: it would be great if you could check the accessiblity of your location. Can people in wheelchairs get in? Is there an appropriate bathroom with enough space to maneuver? You are also welcome to send us information about smoking in the locations. It is not everybody's business. Since we are a foosball database, we mainly want to know if the foosball table is in the smoking room or not. You can tell us all this by clicking on "···" in the upper right corner of the location screen, select "Propose location change" and then enter your information in the comment field.

What else is new? In the last few weeks, there have also been one or two updates. Here we were mainly concerned with optimization. We fixed some technical issues and improved usability here and there. The improvements are mainly to be found in the tournament flow:

  • Active matches are better highlighted
  • It is possible to pause yourself
  • When entering points, your own team is always on the left and after entering the first number you jump to the next field
  • The functions for tournament admins are more clearly arranged
  • ... and many little things more!

Furthermore the website and app for organizers/admins got some love. ❤️

Sophia Poppen

By Sophia Poppen

Sophia gives the product its soul and a face. Or in other words: she is the one who is in charge of the conception and design around all technical products of Let's Foos. As far as foosball software is concerned, she was already able to gain a lot of experience with the Kickertool and contributes by shaping the foosball landscape from behind the scenes.

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