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Flashback 2019: "Let's have an app made for a hobby tournament series. That's kind of what's missing for foosball!" - "Do you have a name?" - "KOMM KICKERN!?" This is roughly how the birth of us went and now on April 1st 2022 we have achieved this vision. In this article we give a brief overview of how you can be part of it.

April 1, 2022  ·  3 min Reading Time
Tournament Series No. Zero

No. Zero

After more than 2 years we finally start with the first LET'S FOOS tournament series and, true to IT, start counting from zero. But that's not because we're nerdy or were desperately looking for a joke, but because we see this season as a practice season.

We want to see how you and your friends enjoy the series so that we can optimise it again for the start of the real 1st tournament series and add features step by step.

We are excited to see what happens and want to learn for the next years together with you and our initiative partners and hope that our favourite hobby and sport will continue to thrive.

Public tournaments and rankings

Every LET'S FOOS tournament that is planned at least 4 hours in advance with the Admin App counts as part of the tournament series and thus as part of the rankings: Until the 24th of September, the local and regional rankings as well as the country and world rankings are filled in this way. After a tournament, points are awarded to all participants based on the final standings after the knockout round.

Have you updated your app? Then take a look at the statistics page and scroll through the rankings.



Everyone with the app can participate for free and collects points for the ranking. Here we explain how you find your tournaments and here how the rankings are calculated.

Public locations can organize as many tournaments as desired. A tournament lasts approx. 2-4 hours and you can completely determine the framework yourself: In your favorite bar next to the dance floor for foosball fans, in the youth center for a variety with foosball, in the club as an offer for new players, and much more. Here you can find out how to become a free admin and maintain your location and schedule tournaments easily.

Rules and specifics

With our game mode you get a new partner every round. It's fun and interactive: Show your foos style. All matches go up to 6 goals, in the preliminary round 5:5 draw. Basically, material and snakeshots are not allowed and fair play is desired. Tournaments on September 23th/24th between Friday 8 p.m. and Saturday 8 p.m. (CEST) count double and triple: As the last tournament of the season no. zero, for the next season and as a world record tournament of our 2nd worldwide record attempt. More on that soon.

Regional Finals

This year only for Germany: Each location is geographically assigned to a region and has its own ranking. There are 9 regions with 9 centers that will host the final tournaments on October 14th or 15th. The top 50 of the regional ranking lists are invited to the final tournaments. There are also 14 wild cards per region. In September at the latest we will post intermediate results and then invite you together with the 9 final location.


Prizes and outlook

It's about fun and foosball culture. And in the end we hope the main prize is that your favorite location has nice table football evenings with nice people, fun and a bit of competition. We're sponsoring the regional final locations with a package that we're just putting together so that we can have worthy final tournaments, and hopefully we'll celebrate world record attempt No. 2 together. And: We will raffle a prize among all participating locations as well as among all participating players. Stay tuned!

We wish you a nice season no. zero! We are looking forward to seeing you.

Jan D.-Eschweiler

By Jan D.-Eschweiler

Jan is a trained physicist and now project manager and tries to keep track of what's coming up, when and how. As far as foosball is concerned, organizing has become his passion in recent years, in Hamburg as Vice President of the TFVHH and throughout Germany as Vice President Education at the DTFB - and he also finds events with "world" in the name quite good...

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