RECAPWhat a year? What a year!

Punctuation can really change the meaning of a sentence, can't it? Was 2021 good now, or was it bad? To be honest: The answers to these questions concern so many different, individual levels - impossible to answer, so sweeping...

December 17, 2021  ·  4 min Reading Time
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The year for LET'S FOOS

From LET'S FOOS point of view, this must have been a good year. Let's face it: we - together with you - set a world record! 1,905 players, 166 locations in 25 countries - all united in a 24-hour period in self-hosted table soccer tournaments with friends, family, acquaintances and strangers - made possible by our app. Wow!

Second reason: We have consolidated ourselves as a small, agile team within the Silpion cosmos, developed further. And even in the various high times of the pandemic, we had to and still have to start our meetings without our occasional game of foosball, and instead sprint from videocall to call. Shame on you, C19.

But let's look at the positive here: So far, we have all come safe through the last few months. Health, that may sound trite, is also a value in itself! And maybe we'll take a look at our year together in fast forward.

Aerial? You're quite a brand, yo!

In spring, we finally officially registered KOMM KICKERN as a brand. Small step, big effect. This brings a lot of clarity with it, you have to think about what you are actually doing ;-). At the same time we produced some videos with our friends Linh, Maura and Cornelius, which we are quite proud of. Oh yes: Patrick could finally explain his three duels and Jan simply splashed with the Aerial ;-)

In June we started a campaign during the European Soccer Championship - because we had to postpone the actual date for the world record for a second time - which was supposed to give the national teams support and us information about the strengths and weaknesses of the app. And while the German national team failed grandiosely, we also had some learnings. For which we are grateful.

"Kickerbus" and world record party

At the same time Nele and Marc cruised with the Kickerbus through the republic and visited foosball peeps. We were able to get to know you and your crew, your venues and clubs and at the same time draw attention to the world record. Undoubtedly one of our favorite projects this year - although Corona bitched here too and led to some changes. The bus drove through Germany and Julis drone over the Elphi and our foosball table and all that for a very special 24h.

August was all about the 1st worldwide decentralized world record attempt in foosball, to call the thing by its full name. And as already described above: Very exciting and simply inspiring for us to be able to pull this off with all of you. And again: many learnings 😉. Among other things, an app - like a good wine - takes time, and we are pushing the issue of community and digitization in a very special way. We're already looking forward to attempt number two!

Tinkering is part of it

After the world record, we went into a deep sleep before we got a little more busy again in the fall: Jan and Marco were at some congresses, where we presented the concept and the app, Rikko beamed the Kixx into the digital future: Dome-Cam and the lighting system for online streaming via Twitch! Our youngster Eva with her design support is already almost indispensable. Maura is now part of the team and is currently tinkering with new social media ways. Sophia and Helmut took a breath and are now working with their team Thorsten, Michael and Andre to set our next milestone in code: The tournament series, which primarily wants to inspire beginners, hobby and occasional players.

Oh, and then there are lots of stories and of course more ideas! Many conversations with friends, new possible partners and supporters - many, many thanks at this point to many dear people, with whom we are allowed to spend our time - further: a golf bag for the foosball lamp transport, lamps are a permanent topic, the German foosball club map for the Federation, water scales as merch, a series of big foosball events and much more. Oh yeah: and scheduling and planning and stuff. Maybe you're all up for a new foosball year with us? We are up for it!

Stay tuned, stay safe, stay happy 😀

Marco Bosch

By Marco Bosch

Marco has been a team member at Komm Kickern since the very beginning. He is at heart a journalist and communications consultant and supports us in precisely this area. We are proud that he was able to discover his love for foosball with us and are thrilled that he is so happy to support us.

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