RECAPWorld record! Now what?

What a world record, what a weekend. Thank you all, we got nice feedback, funny stories and beautiful pictures from you and your events. You all did a great job: 125 cities in 25 countries, 166 localised venues, 85 tournaments without location submission and a total of 1905 players.

August 31, 2021  ·  2 min Reading Time
Happy Helmut after work.

7 minutes and 29 seconds

That's the time it took us to set our joint world record. What a great start into the 24-hour period. Since there has never been a world record with such a decentralised approach, our goals were admittedly not particularly high either. To create this new kind of world record, the Record Institute Germany defined the target as 200 participants in 50 different locations. Nevertheless, we were super happy and stood fascinated in front of our monitor, which displayed the live statistics. It was still exciting. We were happy about every new location that popped up and were thrilled about how many different countries took part. And next year, the aim is to top the numbers.


We are still in the middle of processing the world record. We have reviewed and answered your feedback, are working on the digital handover of certificates for all participants and are looking for our winners for the betting game. And of course we have already collected lots of ideas on how we can improve for the next world record. One thing is certain: there will be one.

Tournament series

As the last few weeks have been very busy for us, many of our team will be taking a holiday in the coming weeks. And then it's time for the tournament series. We have already announced it here and there and have already laid the foundations for it in the last few weeks. In particular, you can already find some information in this blog article.

We will optimise the admin app a bit more and add a few features (thank you for your valuable feedback). In addition, you will soon find rankings in the app, among other things. But also many other great features will come. The list is long. Nevertheless, we hope that everything will be ready by the end of October. This will also include more detailed explanations and information on the website, etc.

We are looking forward to everything that is coming up and one thing is for sure: You are great!

Sophia Poppen

By Sophia Poppen

Sophia gives the product its soul and a face. Or in other words: she is the one who is in charge of the conception and design around all technical products of Let's Foos. As far as foosball software is concerned, she was already able to gain a lot of experience with the Kickertool and contributes by shaping the foosball landscape from behind the scenes.

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