Which of my data is saved and displayed?

Data protection is important to us - but of course we need some information from you so that the tournaments can run.

We need a user name, which will be displayed to your fellow players in the tournament. When registering for your individual account, we need an e-mail address from you. This is to confirm that you are a real person and to save your stats. If you forget your password, you can simply access your profile again via your e-mail address.

Entering your full first and last name is optional, but will be used, for example, for your personalised record certificate at the World Record. A profile photo is also optional, otherwise you will get a random avatar or you can model the avatar yourself.

Now for the most important thing: We will not share any personal or individual information with anyone. In anonymous form, e.g. in a tournament statistic, your game activities are of course counted, but we do not give your mail address nor anything else to any sponsor, partner, etc. without your extra consent. This policy also applies to our newsletter, for example: You have to actively agree to us sending you a newsletter!

You can find the detailed terms and conditions here or in the app.

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