What is LET´S FOOS?

We at LET`S FOOS are a small team wanting to promote foosball as a hobby. Our mission is to bring people together and to promote the joy of playing foosball. For us, foosball is largely barrier-free and encourages cross-cultural exchange in a fun way. As it is not yet an official sport, it is also a bit of rock'n'roll and perfect to make people more tolerant, respectful and fair!

LET´S FOOS is an initiative of DTFB, Kickertool and Silpion. We want to promote foosball as a hobby and popular sport and make it more prominent. On an international and national level, foosball is still relatively small, but it is already well established. There are so many more people out there, however, who have played foosball before or do so regularly. We are working closely with clubs, associations and foosball partners and are excited to see where this journey leads us :)

Most importantly: We already have many friends and supporters who joined us and have become part of this movement. Because: Only together are we many!

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