How to start and run a tournament?

In this FAQ we will explain you, how to start and run a tournament step by step. Here, you'll get also the possibility to see the tournament screen in advance. Just in case you want to get comfortable with the app, before you invite more players. Basically you can start and play a tournament everywhere and whenever you want. Let's get started:

Table of Contents

  1. Step 1: Start app & tab the tournament button
  2. Step 2: Start a tournament & let others join
  3. Step 3: Play tournament
  4. Step 4: Start elimination round
  5. Admin options: End or Leave Tournament, Change number of Tables, Kick Players

Step 1: Start app & tab the tournament button

This button will lead you to the tournament screen. Here you can either start or join a tournament. So everyone participating needs to go this way.


Step 2: Start a tournament & let others join

To start a tournament, use the corresponding button. The tournament screen will open immediately and you can invite other players by showing the QR-Code to them. (If you are still in your last tournament, leave this tournament first, right dots in the corner.) You need at least 4 players (including you) to play a tournament. faq-en-02-new-tournament.png

Others can join by scanning the QR-code. If this doesn't work, they can also type in the entry code


As soon as you are 4 people the "start tournament" button will become pink. That means, the button is enabled now and you can start the tournament. As admin, you are the only person who will be able to start the tournament. You can also change the settings of the tournament. By now it's only the name and the number of the tables - don't forget to hit the save button after changing anything. You can edit this at any time.


Step 3: Play tournament

The next step is easy: Just play. The app will show you who plays with whom and against whom. If you have more than 1 table, it also shows the tables.

  • Everyone playing the match can enter the results of the match.
  • The admin can enter and change all results at anytime.
  • The current matches are always on the top.
  • The time shows you how long the match is already running.
  • You can decide for yourself how many goals you want to play. We recommend: up to 6 goals, with 5:5 draw. It's always one winning set.
  • The mode is Monster DYP. That means: Every round you get a new partner and opponents.
  • More people can join by scanning the QR code in the info section.


Step 4: Start elimination round

The admin is the only person how can start the elimination round. To do so, use the "···" button in the top right corner: a panel will open and shows you more options. Tab the start elimination option. At the moment, the elimination will start immediately. (The possibility to start the elimination after the current round is a high priority feature we will add soon.)

If there is an uneven number of players, the last placed player will not be included in the knockout.


As before, you can find the elimination matches under the "Matches" tab and enter results. At the moment, it is not possible to change the results after entering. There is also a "KO" tab. Here you can find the tree view. The mode sticks to the Monster DYP. So every round the players will be mixed.


Admin options: End or Leave Tournament, Change Number of Tables, Kick Players

As an admin you've got some special options. Most of them you will find with the "···" button in the top right corner.

  • Settings: Change Number of tables and name of the tournament
  • Start Elimination
  • End Tournament: You can end the tournament for all players immediately or after the current round.
  • Leave Tournament: You can leave a tournament without stopping it for others. In this case, another random player will become admin.
  • Kick Player: If a player gets lost you get the possibility to kick the player to get the tournament going.


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