There are no tournaments nearby, what can I do?

That's a shame, of course, but you change it. Here are two possibilities:

1. Find potential organisers / admins

Have a look in the app to see if there are any table football venues in your area. Maybe one or the other location has already registered or verified itself with us. You can tell by the turquoise icon next to the name. If so, they probably already know how to create tournament series tournaments. A short feedback that there is interest in such tournaments might be enough.

If there is no verified location, this can of course be changed. Maybe the foosball locations in your area don't even know that LET'S FOOS exists. Then it can help to simply go there and suggest registering with LET'S FOOS. There are many good reasons, but in the spotlight we see these:

  1. Foosball is a sport that everyone can take part in.
  2. With LET'S FOOS tournaments, you can reach a completely different target group via the app and perhaps find new regular customers.
  3. Tournaments are a great way to get the house crowded during the week.
  4. Foosball players are a lovely people, and you want to have guests like that in your venue. ;-)

You can read how to become an admin and create tournaments in this blog article.

2. Become an organiser / admin yourself

Not every location owner is interested in organising tournaments or simply lacks the time. Maybe you can help out. We have had good experiences with organising tournaments in a location as guests. Why don't you ask your favourite pub if you can be a representative admin and offer regular tournaments by arrangement.

The nice thing about this: you get to know a lot of new people and contribute to your local foosball culture.

You can read how to become an admin and create tournaments in this blog article.

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